Is separation natural?
Yes. Caged Heat is made without any binders or emulsifiers. It is natural for the ingredients to separate. If you have been storing it in your fridge, you may find that it has solidified. This is a natural occurrence, and there is nothing wrong with your Caged Heat cocktail syrup. To reconstitute it, heat a small pan of water on your stove, place the bottle in the water, and allow to simmer for five minutes.

Does Caged Heat cocktail syrup need to be refrigerated?
Although our first pallet says keep refrigerated on the labels, we are finding that this is not necessary. You can leave your bottle out of the fridge if you choose to do so. If you have refrigerated it and it solidifies, heat a small pan of water on your stove, place the bottle in the water, and allow to simmer for five minutes.

How spicy is it?
One of the tenets of the modern craft cocktail is balance. A bad cocktail is one where the individual flavors dominate and push the flavor profile out of balance, whereas the ingredients in a good cocktail contributes to a better whole. That’s where we come in.
One of the things that makes Caged Heat so awesome is that it’s made with Ghost Peppers. Also known by their Indian name Bhut Jolokia, the Guinness book awarded these beauties the spiciest pepper in 2007 with a Scoville rating of 1 million units.
The peppers used in Caged Heat are kept in check. The spice is present, and heat makes itself known, but it doesn’t dominate. It’s Caged. Get it? It won’t make you go running for a glass of milk, unless of course you want to make a Caged Heat milkshake, which, of course, you do.

Where are you sourcing your ingredients?
Our Ghost Pepper, Cardamom, and Tamarind are all coming from the sexiest little spice shop in Oakland: Oaktown Spice Shop located on the shores of beautiful Lake Merritt. It’s where we bought the ingredients to make the first batch of Caged Heat. We love John Beaver and his shop, and we are fiercely loyal to him and his wares. If you haven’t been, GO.

How can I use Caged Heat cocktail syrup in a cocktail?
We have several great cocktail recipes on our website. Most use three ingredients to make complex, artisanal cocktails. They are easy to make and taste amazing!

What else can I do with Caged Heat cocktail syrup?
People are always telling us about the interesting things they are trying with their Caged Heat cocktail syrup. Absinthia once dipped a french fry in there, and won’t eat a potato without it again. Check out our other recipes, and submit your own for our website!

Where can I get a bottle of Caged Heat cocktail syrup?
We are currently self distributing, and we are available at bottle shops and bars in California.

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