Please join us at our booth at the Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas March 7-9, 2016. We’re at Booth 1461.


Dickeless Caged

Adulting done right coloring book event with Caged Heat!

We hosted a tasting at Ledger’s Liquors on October 31st from 1p-3p.

Dickel Whisky brought the seductively spicy Caged Heat cocktail syrup to Portland Cocktail Week.

We’ve been busy setting up Caged Heat demos at a number of events.

SFMOMA’s Art bites at Public Works

Mad applause to Jennifer Raiser for allowing us to share Heat in a Cage with so many inspirational speakers. We could feel the ghost peppers and crushed cardamon taking hold, and we were honored to be part of the process that helps artists help artists! We’ll be collaborating on building a huge cocktail shaped swimming pool in Black Rock City, more on this later … 😉

Burning Man‘s Global Leadership Conference

We served drinks to regional event reps from twenty-eight countries, including Antarctica – who couldn’t get enough of the Caged Heat, and come to think of it, heat in general. Thanks Marianne Minx Ortega!

Betabrand Cocktail Party

The makers of the silver sequin disco jackets couldn’t resist our fiery allure.  Thank you BetaBranders, Lizabeth Rossoff, and all that you do!

Bawdy Storytelling

We served Caged Heat between sets and oversold all the other cocktails that night! Thanks Dixie De La Tour and the Verdi Club!

Practice Fusion

Absinthia and Catie served during the Friday Happy Hour, and people loved it so much, they bid on our Kickstarter at the bar, and even grabbed a bottle for their Portland office. Thank you Catie McGee!

Hippy Dirty Rave

Headed to TTITD? Nothing says whiteout quite like gifting Caged Heat cocktails to your new dusty friends. Bring your bottle and make sure to pack it out with you.