About Us

Jared 2abs by gcphotoNickelDime LLC is owned by business partners Jared Hirsch and Jennifer Absinthia Vermut. Absinthia and Jared met and became friends at Burning Man and found their common interest in providing artisanal cocktails to their friends.

Jared, NickelDime’s Cocktologist, is the bar manager and resident cocktologist at Sidebar in Oakland, California. A resident of Oakland for 17 years, he lives with his wife, Justine, and twin daughters, Penelope and Violet, in the Lakeshore neighborhood.

Absinthia, NickelDime’s COO, is the founder and owner of Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits, producer of organic absinthe. She lives in the Oakland hills with her daughters Haley and Alexa, and Cohiba, their Havanese pup.

NickelDime’s mission is to change the relationship between you and your booze. So many people are discovering the pleasures of the craft cocktail revolution happening around the world, but don’t know how to harness that creative energy for themselves. We live in a renaissance world of makers and doers, with people rediscovering making things with their own hands, yet the secrets behind original craft cocktails remain a mystery. We bridge that gap by providing you with the secret ingredients and recipes we use to create original delicious and fascinating drinks.

Our Story

In March of 2015, we decided to get Caged Heat out from behind the bar and into bottles. The demand was insane, with friends, family, and Jared’s customers constantly asking where they can get bottles. On April 1, 2015, our Kickstarter ended after 30 days with 137%. We hit our goal in the first 7 days and moved over 30 cases of Caged Heat cocktail syrup!

We love our video by Eddie of Shoots Cuts Flicks! You can watch it on our Kickstarter campaign page.

Created by award winning cocktologist, Jared Hirsch, Caged Heat made its debut at St. George Spirit’s Breaking and Entering bourbon release in 2012. Caged Heat had the longest line and the most buzz at the event. Caged Heat is currently featured at both Sidebar in Oakland, and Southside Spirithouse in San Francisco, where it has become the best selling cocktail on their menus. People can’t seem to get enough of it. Our small releases of Caged Heat for friends and family were snatched up in minutes.

Since so many of our customers were asking where they can buy bottles to take home, we decided the time was right to grow and expand. In order to do that, we needed to move from the small kitchen at Sidebar into a larger commercial kitchen. We needed your help to make the syrup available for you, the craft cocktail enthusiast; we needed your help getting Caged Heat into your home, and you helped us! We did it! Since that time, we have been cooking weekly in a commercial kitchen in Oakland, our beloved chosen hometown. We are ever grateful to those who back us on Kickstarter. Here they are:

Shelly Cox
Ty Caudle
Erik Johnson
Joe Phillips
Carolyn Conry
Tim Davis
Atul Sood
Kim Cotton
Michael Vavricek
Lisa White
Rebecca Billings
Julia Sitko
Holly Kreuter
Xandy Buckner
Shari Cleland
Gordon Juan
Barry and Sandy Halpern
lorena fleming
gregor menasian
Burgin Howdeshell
Nicole Johnson
megan hug
Bara Sapir
Rebekah Howard
Jim S
Amani Ellen Loutfy
Colin Fahrion
Katrina Qat Glerum
Don McCasland
Eddie Kestermont
Neil Berkman
Maggie Fogg
Paula Marcheschi
Jeff Rowlings
jason sylvester
Rachel diCerbo
Hillary Benham-Baker
Teri Angst
Jerry Angst
kiran satellite
Frances Ford
Angela Luna
Angela Doyle
James Carrington
Christopher T Palmer
Carrie Prudhomme
Peggy Tahir
Herve Mazoyer
Doctor Popular
Sketchy the Clown
Christopher Kent
Nifer Kilakila, Goal Vaulting
Heather Ball
Randi gerson
Peter Kropf
Melissa Hoobler
Jennifer de Graaf
Miss Rain
Bawdy Storytelling
Graham Owens
Jodie Kahn
Catie Magee
Rachel Ohliger
Camron Assadi
Marcia Vaz
Brenton Corns
Jessica Forsyth
Beth Ross
Mekayla Blanck
Suzanne Richards
William Ward
Eve Killaby
Jennifer Yee
Ayo Williams
Renee Fadiman
Jason and Lisa-Susan McPhate
debbie zeiden
Stuart Updegrave
Ann Vermut
Geoff & Alena Roland
Joann Kuhl
Johnathan Elliott
Doug Fuller
Ilene and Alan Feuer
Cindy Lopez
Leilani Brennan
Courtney King
bonnie jordan
Karen Fontana
Lizabeth Eva Rossof
Kara Moore O’Leary
Susan Oya Öner
Heather O’Brien
William Lucas
Nicole Nasser
Mark chan
Brett Lowell
Desiree Sylvester
Stephan Vermut
Jared Allen
Christine McHugh
Kelly Mullane
Allison Tinney
Dale Kiefling
Nicole Blanck
Elle Beigh
David Flashner
David Wilson
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Lisa Elia
Montgomery Kosma
jessica spurling
Blythe Baldwin
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Jeremy Ambers
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Neil Tilley
Cassandra Cushing
Eran Globen
Anthony Sanchez
Carrie Cordeiro
Anne Grady
Richard Everhart
John Beaver
Frank Robert
Marsha Grant
Cara Hirsch
Caroline Pierce
Carla Guevara
James Marshall
Jim Herring
Michael Linn
Tom Teriffic
Ketan Bhatia
Scott Dickey
Mr. Brian Wallace
Derek Histed
Luke Benning
katherine k robinson
Laurel Reverie
Christina Lucey
Joe Zarate-Sanderlin
Samantha Spector
Laura Thomas
Yoshi Murai
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Julia Eppstein
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Thank you everyone!